Compensation bonus for self-employed persons

Aktualizováno: 10. 6. 2020

Compensation bonus up to CZK 44,500 will be paid to contractors in case their activities were affected by the coronavirus and connected measures.

It will be necessary to file the request for the pay-out of the bonus with the Czech Tax Office with an affidavit, where the self-employed individual will confirm that the measures had a negative impact on his activities.

The period important for the compensation bonus is as of 12.3.2020 till 30.4.2020 and the second period as of 1.5.2020 till 8.6.2020. In case the limitations lasted for the entire both periods, the self-employed persons will be entitled to the whole bonus CZK 44,500. In case the limitations were only partial, the compensation will be paid for every day - CZK 500.

The reasons for the pay-out of the compensation bonus can be the closing of the self-employed person’s business because of coronavirus measures, quarantine of the self-employed person, demand decline, limited supply, etc. and so it is not possible to provide their activities as usual.

For the compensation benefit are eligible persons with self-employed activity as the main activity or secondary activity without being employed at the same time, the person had an active trading licence at latest as of 12.3.2020.

The request for pay-out is possible to file as of the middle of April and latest till the end of June 2020. For more information or in case you would like us to assist you with the request, please contact us.

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