Information about taxation of income generated through the Airbnb platform

Aktualizováno: 4. 2. 2020

Information about taxation of income generated through the Airbnb platform

The taxation of income from renting out properties though the Airbnb is now very actual topic. As the Financial Authorities has received data about persons renting out properties though this platform, the tax inspections focused on the taxation of such income can be expected.

To summarize:

The rent of property through the Airbnb is accommodation service from the VAT point of view. Non-VAT payers must include this supply into the evidence for the calculation of VAT turnover for the obligatory registration as VAT payers in the Czech Republic. Another point is also provision of service from the Airbnb platform, because first acceptance of such service means obligation for registration as identified person in the Czech Republic and payment of VAT from this service.

Continuous provision of accommodation through the Airbnb is considered as self-employed activity and needs to be taxed in the tax return in the section §7 Income Tax Act and not as regular rental income according to § 9 of Income Tax Act. Implication is also that this income is subject to the social security and health insurance.

It is necessary to check also other duties like municipal fees or duty for the electronic evidence of income.

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